Summer is the best!


The cicadas are singing. Summer is finally here!

I love summer. Even the hot, humid Japanese summer. Yes, the heat hits you and yes any activity requires a tremendous effort but I still love summer. People seem happier in summer. They are smiling and like to go out and spend time with friends. What's more, summer is the time for festivals. Rather than list all of the great festivals here in Shima I'll focus on one, The 'Shio Kake Matsurii'. It is a celebration where fishermen and divers give thanks to the

Shinto gods for their offerings and pray for a plentiful catch and safety for the coming season.

The day starts at Wagu where you board a fishing boat. The sea is beautiful and the reflection of sun on water is

breathtaking. After a short trip to an uninhabited island everyone jumps off their boat and into the water. There is

laughter everywhere. People cool off in the sea and relax on the beach talking with friends and strangers alike before

cooling off again. It is summer.

After a few hours spent reinvigorating the body and soul perhaps it's time to go? Not so fast! It's time to get ready for battle. Everyone gets a bucket and reboards their boat. Let the fun begin! Boats approach each other with passengers

throwing buckets of water at each other. Water is coming from everywhere! From port and starboard. There is even some friendly fire. A good drenching is unavoidable. After a well fought battle the boats return to port. People walk back to their cars with sea salt visible on body and clothes. Everyone is exhausted but happy too. Summer is the best!   【日本語訳】 はじめまして! ALTのイレール・キャミです!フランス出身で、日本に住

んで7年目、志摩市に住んで4年目です。皆さまよろしくお願いします!   安胡乃宇良尓布奈能里須良牟乎等女良我安可毛能須素尓乃保美都良武賀。







す。潮かけ祭りという漁師と海女さんが神様に漁の安全と豊漁を祈願するためのお祭りです。 どんなお祭りかというと。まずお祭りは和具の漁港からスタートします。夏の海は美しく、水面に反射する太陽の光はあばばいです。和具の後、船は無人島へ。喜びの笑いと共に?人とびこみ体を冷やします。しばしの後、海岸にこしかけ、ゆっくりとした時間を皆とすごしたり、それぞれの時間を満きつします。そしてまた海へと向